More Photos from Our Community

Since we can't get to as many gardens as we'd like, we'll have to live vicariously through the photos club members have taken in May's, over the years.

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H.F. Young Clematis, in bloom
Weeping Willow
Flowers of Blue Pearl Jacob's Ladder
Blue Mirror Delphinium, in bloom
Van Eseltine Crabapple in bloom
Flowers of Nova Zembla Rhododendron
Crabapples & Tulips in bloom
Triumph Tulip, Boxwood
Amur Chokecherry (Prunus maackii) in bloom, early spring
Crabapple in full bloom
Flowers of Candy Stripe Moss Phlox
Suncatcher Triumph Tulip
Suncatcher Triumph Tulip
Flowers of Arctic Breeze Intermedia Bearded Iris
Suncatcher Triumph Tulip
Gallery Blue Lupin
Superbells Yellow Petunia, Luscious Lemonade Lantana, Limoncello Supertunia
Peach Blossom Astilbe, in bloom
Ice Follies Lenten Rose, in bloom
Supertunia Trailing Strawberry Pink Veined Petunia
Flower of Kilian Donahue Clematis
Hula Hoops: Supertunia Trailing Strawberry Pink Veined Petunia, Superbena Pink Shades Verbena, Superbena Royale Plum Wine Verbena
Supertunia Vista Bubblegum Petunia, Supertunia Vista Fuchsia
Tiny Todd Asiatic lily, in bloom
 Passionale Tulip, American Dream Tulip, Bellissima Red English Daisy, Texas Gold Tulip
Sherbet Blend Tulips, in bloom
Cercis canadensis is known for its beautiful pink-purple early spring blooms.
Distinctive bark of the Gray Birch 'Whitespire Senior'
Clematis 'Fireworks'
Angel Tiger Eyes Viola
Triumph Tulip (Tulipa 'Evergreen') in bloom
Redosier Dogwood 'Bergesson's Compact' flowers & stem, early spring
Bandana Cherry Sunrise Lantana
Tried & True: Superbells Plum Calibrachoa, Flambe Yellow Strawflower, Supertunia Bordeaux Petunia
 Summer Wave Blue Wishbone Flower
Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry, in bloom
Mache Orange Persian Buttercup, Cranberry Cotoneaster
Supertunia Vista Silverberry, Supertunia Vista Bubblegum Petunia
Flowers of Old-Fashioned Bleeding Heart
Flowers of Martha Washington Regal Geraniums
Flowers of Compactum Basket-of-Gold
Matrix Red Asiatic Lily, in bloom
Flowers of Ballerina Tulip
Hanging basket with Lobelia, Calibrachoa & Dichondra
Rockapulco Appleblossom Impatiens, in bloom
Wild Geranium, Whitespire Gray Birch
Marsh Marigold
Flowers of Angel Tiger Eyes Viola
Raspberry Archangel Angelonia, in bloom
Mache Orange Persian Buttercup
Mache Mix Persian Buttercups
Flowers of Blue Pearl Jacob's Ladder
Candy Stripe Moss Phlox, in bloom
Brandywine Foam Flower, in foamy bloom!
Negrita Triumph Tulip, Clearwater Single Late Tulip, Dalmatian Purple Foxglove
Nova Zembla Rhododendron, in bloom
Flowers of Tiny Todd Asiatic Lily
Suncatcher Triumph Tulip
Orange Symphony African Daisy
The leaves of the weeping willow cascade dramatically
Weigela Sonic Bloom Red #3
Elaine Princess Lily
Ad Rem Tulip, Danada Charm Elm
Ad Rem Tulips, in bloom
Karen's Azalea, in bloom
Showy Crabapple, in bloom
Flowers of Evangeline Hyacinth Lilac
Tiny Invader Asiatic Lily, Golden Matrix Lily
Brass Lantern Foamy Bells, in bloom
Emerald Blue Moss Phlox, in bloom
Flowers of Tiny Invader Asiatic Lily
Gray foliage of Dusty Miller
Flowers of Ballerina Red Thrift
 Westcountry Lupins, in bloom
Crown Imperial, Ballerina Tulip
Dolce Cinnamon Curls Coral Bells, Stoplight Coral Bells, Everest Ornamental Sedge
Rockapulco Purple Impatiens, in bloom
Flowers of Red Baron Crabapple
Circus Heuchera, in bloom
Ormiston Roy Flowering Crabapple
Joy's Pride Eastern Redbud, White Gold Spirea
Tiny Wine Ninebark, Suncatcher Triumph Tulip
Soprano White African Daisy
Flowers of Margarita African Daisy
Flowers of Cleopatra Foxtail Lily
Weeping Willows, Tulips
Japanese Crabapple, in bloom
Karen's Azalea
Compact Korean Azalea, in bloom
African Daisy
Ad Rem Tulip
Weeping Willow, Tulips
Confetti Pink Polka-Dot Plant, Electric Lime Coleus, Confetti White Polka-Dot Plant, Kong Jr. Rose Coleus
Rainforest Sunrise Hosta, Watch Up Trumpet Daffodil
Weeping Willows tower over path at Chicago Botanic Garden
Purple Gem Rhododendron, in bloom
Flower plumes of Arrabona Red Celosia
Beau Monde Triumph Tulip
Pink Wave Petunias, in bloom
Infinity Blushing Lilac New Guinea Impatiens
Flowers of Fort Hill Moss Phlox
Flowers of Miss Melanie Bellflower
'Little King' Fox Valley River Birch
 Supertunia Trailing Blue Veined Petunia
Tango Rose Mega Splash Zonal Geranium, in bloom
Evangeline Hyacinth Lilac
Pyromania Orange Blaze Red Hot Poker, SUNSATIA Blood Orange Nemesia, Sweet Caroline Sweetheart Red, Honey Supertunia
Camelot Rose Purple Foxglove
Sweet Nectar: Superbells Tangerine Punch Calibrachoa, Luscious Citrus Blend Lantana, Supertunia Really Red Petunia
Golden Flare Azalea, Lemon Ice African Daisy
Cockspur thorn (Crataegus crus-galli) in early spring
 Dame's Rocket, in bloom
Negrita Triumph Tulip, Clearwater Single Late Tulip
Ramona Clematis, in bloom
Bok Choi 'Prize Choy'
Supertunia Priscilla Petunia
Opal Innocence Nemesia
Illusion Midnight Lace Sweet Potato, Snow Princess Sweet Alyssum, Supertunia Vista Bubblegum Petunia
 Dicentra Gold Heart, in bloom
Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry
Fiesta Forsythia, in bloom
Endless Summer Hydrangea
  Lavender Twist Weeping Redbud
Yellow Submarine Rose, in bloom
Electric Lime Coleus, Kong Jr. Rose Coleus, Confetti White Polka-Dot Plant, Confetti Pink Polka-Dot Plant, Jurassic Green Streak Rex Begonia
Flowers of Intenz Pink Celosia
Flowers of Chattahoochee Woodland Phlox
Snow Queen Clematis, in bloom
Beautiful Snow Queen Clematis flowers
Ormiston Roy Flowering Crabapple
   Raspberry Splash Lungwort, in bloom
Magnolia, Redbud, Crabapple in bloom
 Blue Yonder Spike Speedwell, in bloom
Purple Passion Rhododendron, in bloom
Basket-of-Gold, in bloom
Miss Lilac Superbells Petunia, Superbells Plum Calibrachoa, Supertunia Royal Velvet Petunia
Flowers of Golden Matrix Lily
Flowers of Golden Flare Azalea
Flowers of Harmony Pearl Poppy Anemone
Blackout Coral Bells, Angelina Stonecrop
 Olive Bailey Langdon Hosta
Super Chic: Supertunia Royal Magenta Petunia, Supertunia Royal Velvet Petunia, Supertunia Trailing Blue Veined Petunia
Flower of Dwarf French Marigold
 Peach Blossom Astilbe, in bloom
Cushion Spurge
Rhododendron Olga Mezitt
Ostrich Ferns on a hillside
Flowers of PJM Rhododendron
Rockapulco Rose Impatiens
Suncatcher Triumph Tulip, Selkirk Crabapple
Hook's #15 Crabapple
Variegated Siberian Bugloss, in bloom
Senora Rosalita Spider Flower, in bloom
Hocus Pocus Single Late Tulip, in bloom
Tiny Invader Asiatic Lily
  Autumn Moon Japanese Maple in spring
Variegated leaves of Jack Frost Brunnera

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